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About us

Wholesome Treasures is a woman owned eco-store dedicated to providing quality, sustainable products that are both ethical and affordable. Our online store has been carefully curated to bring you the best eco-friendly items available.


We understand the importance of protecting the beauty of our planet and are committed to providing products that are made with respect for the environment. We even try all the products ourselves before selling them to make sure they meet our high standards.

How  we differ

There are a lot of websites today that sell products labeled as eco-friendly. And while, at their core, they are, best practices in other areas detract from the wholesomeness of eco-friendly products. From packaging and shipping materials to production and even shipping methods, the benefits can be lost along the way. 

We go the extra mile in finding the perfect materials to keep us on target. Did you know that a lot of shipping labels aren't actually recyclable? The adhesives gum up and bind the process. That was eye-opening for us! From ethical, North American production, zero- or near zero waste products and shipping materials to our shipping methods to reduce our carbon footprint, we're working on it all to create a greener life for us all!

Lavender Fields

Our supplier approach

We believe in sourcing our products responsibly. We intentionally seek out small business that are creating their products by hand or in small batches. We also look for eco-friendly packaging, sustainable materials, and businesses that use ethical practices. Additionally, we make sure that our vendors are transparent about their production process and use of resources. Our goal is to make sure our customers can trust that the products they purchase from us are made with respect for the environment.

Our business approach

We believe in growing our business organically and sustainably. We know that purchasing full sized products without sampling or testing leads to unnecessary waste. That's why we offer sample sizes of products so customers can try before they buy. As we receive feedback on the products, we will expand our offerings to include full size products. Join us in our mission to reduce waste and provide eco-friendly products for everyone.

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