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We can learn so much from animals

I want to believe that the vast majority of people are good. I don't mean good in a way that they are visibly good. No, I'm talking about deep within their soul good. The wholesome, capable of unconditional love and truly caring for another being kind of good. Like a puppy or a bunny!

Now, before you burst my bubble and remind me that our lives are far too often infiltrated with stories that are the exact opposite, hear me out. People, like puppies, aren't born with preconceived anything. Blank slate. Pure canvas. We are shaped by our environment and surroundings. Love, compassion, empathy, acceptance. Hate, bigotry, prejudices. We are all influenced by those around us. But, there are times we react in the exact opposite manner expected. We don't buy in to the beliefs or exhibit the behaviors of those around us, we do the exact opposite.

I know there's a different drum beating around here somewhere!

The area of the United States I grew up in was not exactly known for its inclusivity. Hell, even today, it's not exactly what I would consider a melting pot - more like a melted spatula maybe? I was often confused and disgusted by the way people were treated or viewed because of something other than just their personality. As the world has become more connected (and I've gotten a couple of years older), I see it wasn't just the area I grew up in. There are pockets of that nonsense everywhere. Unfortunately, that mindset and those actions get a lot more airtime than the amazing things people do and who they are. The volume of negativity is simply overwhelming. Society even seems to thrive on it? That can't be a thing, right?

Maybe the solar-powered path lights just aren't charged enough yet?

There has to be that beacon of hope, right? The lighted path that helps people find their way. It's not a one path for the many kind of scenario - everyone has their own. The lights are there to help us see other perspectives, other ways of thinking. They help us see the world in a different light, if you will (maybe this is how mom jokes start?). I keep hoping the dark clouds will move along and make way to charge those lights for everyone. I keep waiting. I do believe it's happening in a lot of ways, but we do have to be careful in allowing them to get too bright. They could end up making it even more difficult to see where the path actually is.

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